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Current Photos

Cooking up some grilled cheese in Joshua Tree National Park

Standing Desk, ready to work

Nicely made bed! Vicky's favorite

Getting some work done on the bed

Cooking up a storm during a pit stop

Kitchen sink, ready for some dishes

Oh look, the dishes

Our new cabinets, built from scratch. They've got soft-close hinges and everything

Older Photos

These pictures were taken by the previous owners during the build. We included them because they gave a good representation of what the van looks like empty.

Van Exterior

Doors open in the back

A view of the 3 storage compartments under the bed

Table raised, plus a view of the battery

Close-up of the battery

Large storage area under the bed

Under-bed view with the safe

Under-bed view with the safe

Safe opened

Safe hidden

Under-bed view. Good for some light storage

Kitchen area from the door

Kitchen Counter

Always carry plenty of spices!

The MaxxAir fan overhead

Kitchen sink, big enough to wash a frying pan in!

Standing desk folded up

Standing desk folded & electrical panel

Standing desk with monitor out

Storage behind the monitor

Solar input and main power switches

Light-control panel above the bed (on the side of the standing desk)

Small organizer by door

Organizer, but with stuff

Hooks by door

Hooks by door, with stuff

Folding counter, folded

The latch that secures the folding counter

Folding counter, raised

Same counter, from above

Cooktops out!

The fridge

Fridge and freezer open

The fridge and freezer hold a surprising amount

One set of cabinets open. Four on this side

Kitchen stuff, plus an entire person worth of clothes

The opposite side, with three cabinets

These cabinets hold a lot!

All seven cabinets

Over-bathroom storange

This is one of the biggest storage areas in the van

Towards the front of the van, from the fridge

Storage over the cab

Full-sized mirror


Bathroom, stocked

Shoe storage rack next to the bathroom

Overhead lights and fan

Swiveling passenger chair

Standard car console with touch screen

Table with the pillows

All of the pillows that comprise the bed

Bed made with everything

Water pump under the sink

7 gallon tanks under the sink. One for fresh, one for grey water

Waterproof power outlet under the sink

We can hold a lot under the sink

Top view, with solar, cell antenna, and fan

Cab with the sun shades up